Introducing AmbassadorMax Duffof Death Collective

British Customs : What is the Death Collective way of life? 
Max Duff: It’s different for every person. Some guys like going fast. Others like doing huge wheelies. For me, it’s all about having fun with my friends. It’s basically an escape from normal life — a reset button on reality. I spend so much time confined indoors due to work and motorcycles allow me to get outside and be immersed in my surroundings. Everything looks, smells, and sounds better on a motorcycle. As soon as the helmet goes on, you’re in a different world completely. The only thing I’ve found that comes close to this feeling of complete immersion is surfing and snowboarding. The biggest difference, however, is the sense of freedom and pride that comes with owning a motorcycle.

For me, it’s about creating something
that I can put my signature on and make mine.

BC: What has it meant to you to customize your own bike? 
MD: I’m a creative person, so for me personally, wrenching is a chance to create something that reflects who I am. It’s a really rewarding feeling. I guess since I’m being interviewed I have to be perfectly honest: what got me into design was this video game I played as a kid called Motocross Madness. I would go in and change all the bikes and create whatever I wanted and ride it in the game. Even as a young teenager, it was rewarding to be able to see something in your head come to life, and to have someone else see it and get it. Nearly 15 years later I’m still doing the same thing, but on real bikes. 
BC: How has your experience as a rider improved by working on your own bike? 
MD: Bikes aren’t like cars: if it breaks down, it’s extra important you know what’s going on, and that you’re aware of what state it’s in. When you get to work on a bike you get to know every part of it. You’re more connected to it. When you hear a little rattle, you know it’s this or that. It becomes an extension of your body. If you hop on someone else’s bike that you haven’t worked on, it feels different. Wrenching inspires a different kind of confidence in both you and your bike.
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